Month: February 2016

its about time

So I’m supposed to follow up ‘Fudgement Day’ how? By writing about something uplifting and inspiring? Adventurous and bewildering? Hell no! I could say as an excuse that I didn’t have any inspiration or I’ve been just been soooo busy but as usual I’m a big chicken shit and I don’t take the time to do this as often as I should, which is all the time. I’m going to make a commitment (something I, in the past was not particularly fond of) to post biweekly whatever the fuck is on my mind. I could write about the name of my nail polish or specific things I’m currently struggling with, which usually includes which nail polish to actually use. So yeah! Exciting stuff, I know just by reading this you’re probably shitting your pants with anticipation and suspense. For starters I, Natasha Day, am going back to school starting this summer. I really just wrote that. I still feel my eyes bulge out of my head like Large Marge every time I think about it, but yeah I need to hone my craft and just working and hanging out in Austin is not the business anymore, its redundant and honestly kind of whack. There’s a difference between having fun and being happy. I still have fun here all the time but I need something that’s stimulating as well as productive. Before I hit the books I’ll be hitting the road!! I cant just jump right into this productive responsible life, I need some adventure first. In a couple months I’ll be riding up the Pacific Coast in an old school red Pontiac wearing some cat eye sunglasses and a scarf around my head that will soar off and fly into the desert sky behind me. I can’t imagine how it could possibly be any different from that…… except I will most likely be driving an affordable rented economy vehicle, wearing the same leggings and coochie cutters everyday stopping every 2 miles to air out my butt crack, and I look stupid in cat eye sunglasses, I’m still going to feel the fantasy though. I already feel so much better just getting ready for school (which takes more effort than I realized) and planning the things that I actually need to plan for my road trip, just doing things that make me feel confident and productive makes me happy. I’d appreciate any road trip tips! and school tips! or any nail polishes I haven’t tried yet. Thanks for reading!