Fashionably Surprised

When i bought a ticket to a fashion show for Austin Fashion Week i knew it would be fun but i had no idea how amazing it would actually be, yes ladies and gentleman Austin, TX is a fashionable city. Surprised? You’re not the only one, another surprising factor is the dress code to a fashion event!  This easy breezy girl was fashionably surprised.  You know in movies when someone shows up to a theme party and they’ve completely missed the mark? Yeah that was me Thursday night, as soon as i arrived i realized that when you go a fashion show you’re supposed to be fashionable. I felt like the i was on the cheer leading squad except i was the mascot but hey at least i was in the game!

Little farm girl with messed up hair got lost on her way to the prairie

Little farm girl with messed up hair got lost on her way to the prairie

The runway looked so fab and the models walking down it even better, the designers for Thursday night were Adrienne Yunger, Kucoon, M.E.Shirley, Ragg Dahl, Ross Bennett, Romey Roe, G.I.A.N., and s.t.e.f.


Lights, camera, action! Time to sissy that walk!

Lights, camera, action! Time to sissy that walk!

IMG_4691 IMG_4694



Not only were there fashions on display in the form of clothing but there was a marketplace with all sorts of accessories like handbags, shoes, and jewelry.




By far my favorite was the shoes and accessories made by Teysha, they make custom shoes with awesome prints in Guatemala, I need to place my order ASAP!


During the second half of the show i even got to move up to the second row when someone didnt return to their seat! She shoots, she scores!







So after all the sashaying i witnessed i had no choice but to treat myself to some ice cream afterwards, as i sat there devouring my Irish mint decadence topped with brownie bites, gummy bears, pretzels, choc chips, almonds, and the kitchen sink i couldn’t help but  think about how i become more and more impressed by Austin everyday. There literally is so much happening that sometimes it can seem overwhelming but i guess an over abundance of fun isn’t a bad problem to have. Chante I’ll stay. (RuPauls Drag Race reference, you don’t know how hard it was to not caption every picture with “Werk Hunty!”) Okay carry on children!



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