Petal Porn .4

You’re bated breath can now be soothed, it is time to share my lovely foliage with you. Its been a few weeks because the carnations i previously posted didn’t falter for  3 weeks, apparently that’s what they do. This week it was my roommate who is hosting these beautiful flowers in her room. They are so exotic, bold, and exaggerated for every reason,  the star of the show, the belle of the field, captivating with no apprehension. Unapologetically confident is the best way to describe this plant, can i be this flower?


Petal Porn .3

Its that special time of the week where i share my lovely foliage friends with you guys, I know you’ve all been on baited breath. This week its lovely carnations, they have lasted me almost 3 weeks and i still don’t see many signs of wilting. I love how they’re naturally two-toned, giving them a natural shade of purple and white with their long skinny stems holding them up, makes me think of an ant holding up a bread crumb weighing more than twice the size of them, nature is so fascinating you guys!


Petal Porn .2

Another dose of petal porn for your eyeballs! This week its lovely sunflowers, July’s flower and my third favorite flower behind calla lilies and gladiolas. One of my favorite things about sunflowers is their long thick stem so you don’t need many of them to make a bouquet, also they’re so big and bold that you don’t need many to make a statement.

Petal Porn

I started thinking a few days ago to post pictures of the flowers i get each week to brighten and cuten (not currently a word in Merriam-Websters…..yet) up my room to this blog. For almost 2 years now when i write out my grocery list i always add flowers to it because i realized that they really raise my morale, so maybe these lovey pictures will raise yours too. DSC_0306 DSC_0308 DSC_0311 DSC_0312
Wow this the lowest word count I’ve ever had. My 4th grade English teacher would be relieved because back then i wouldn’t  stop asking for extra paper because i always wanted to write a novel about every subject we went over in class. Remember those cheap-feeling yellow pieces of paper that were impossible to  erase anything off of??!! Enough about Baltz Elementary, what kind of flowers are these anyway? Does it even matter?  Nope! Because they are JUST.